Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) and Management are committed to sound governance policies and practices, designed to support the Board in discharging its responsibilities and to enhance shareholder value. Good governance helps ensure that the Board and Management have clear, common goals that are being communicated to stakeholders and provides an effective strategy for achieving those goals. Good governance also helps secure the Company’s future, by addressing corporate responsibility and ensuring accountability. The Company reviews its corporate governance policies and practices regularly with a view to enhancing the structure in an ever-evolving corporate governance environment. 

KORE currently has five directors: three independent directors and two that are not independent, former CEO, Scott Trebilcock, and Executive Chairman & CEO, James Hynes.

The Independent Directors have named Harry Pokrandt as Lead Independent Director.

The Board of Directors currently have the following committees:

  • Audit Committee consists of Don MacDonald (Chair), Harry Pokrandt and Jay Sujir
  • Governance & Compensation Committee consists of Harry Pokrandt (Chair), Don MacDonald and Jay Sujir.
  • ESG Committee consists of Scott Trebilcock (Chair) and Don MacDonald.

The Following are some of the company's current policies and charters:

Code of Conduct and Ethics
Whistle Blower Policy
Board of Directors Mandate
Lead Independent Director Terms of Reference
Governance and Compensation Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Anti-bribery Policy
Disclosure and Trading Policy

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