Project ACES

In its ongoing efforts to generate positive environmental and social impacts from the Imperial Gold Project, the Company has launched Project ACES – A Clean Environment for the Salton Sea (“ACES” or “Project ACES”).  Project ACES is just one of the many long term positive benefits that KORE’s Imperial Gold Project will bring to the region.

The Problem - Salton Sea

The Salton Sea, located in Imperial and Riverside Counties in Southern California, was created by an accidental inflow of water from the Colorado River in 1905.  Since that time, it has been contaminated with industrial and agricultural pollution.  The Salton Sea is now evaporating, leaving contaminated beaches and diminished wildlife habitat in its wake.  Dry desert winds blow these contaminated beach materials into surrounding communities, creating poor air quality resulting in respiratory disease and other health issues that Imperial Valley communities have been struggling with for decades.

Watch this video for to learn more about the Salton Sea and KORE’s proposed solution.

The Project ACES Solution

In addition to gold, KORE’s Imperial Gold Project will produce an estimated 90 million tons of clean surplus material that was placed in the Imperial Valley by the Colorado River over the past 10 million years.  KORE’s Project ACES has the potential to remediate a significant portion of the southern Salton Sea over the next 20 years by using the clean material as a cover for toxic beaches, and thereby improving air quality.  The materials could also support other projects to restore wildlife habitat for migratory birds and recreational land usage.

KORE is working closely with local communities and agencies to determine the best and most efficient path forward for Project ACES and will continue to provide updates as the project advances.

Stringent Environmental Controls Leaves No Change to Longer-Term Viewscape

California has some of the most stringent environmental laws in North America.  In addition to the Project ACES initiative, KORE will be complying with these laws and will aim to exceed the legal requirements in our efforts both during mining operations and as part of the reclamation process.   KORE’s anticipated plan will include the following:

  • Zero water discharge and no arsenic or mercury used
  • No potential for acid rock drainage
  • Water sourced from a robust aquifer that is not used by local farmers or communities
  • Backfilling and restoring local topography eliminate “hole in ground” and “large piles of rock” left behind by historic mining operations; any excess clean materials used for Project ACES as a clean cover for toxic beaches
  • Re-establish biology and desert washes returning site to near greenfield state
  • Return site to multi-use purpose of Federal land and no change to Imperial County vistas

Click HERE to learn more about Imperial Gold and Project ACES

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